Student Support

The successful achievement of learning and wellbeing outcomes are supported at Loxton Lutheran School through quality learning and teaching. To access the full range of educational opportunities and to achieve success, some students require additional support. This support may relate to disabilities or difficulties in a student’s learning and/or behaviour, regardless of the cause or circumstances. Students do not need to have a verified disability to access learning support.

Our Core Beliefs

At Loxton Lutheran School, we take great pride in the high levels of expertise from the many dedicated teachers and Lutheran Support Officers who work hard to achieve the best outcomes for all students. Staff are provided with high quality professional learning to assist them in understanding and supporting the diverse learning and wellbeing needs of students.

Our staff have high expectations of our students, providing them with adjustments to support their needs. Parents are also highly valued at Loxton Lutheran School, and are part of the development and implementation of individual learning and support plans.

To ensure that prevention and intervention strategies are provided in a timely manner and to students who need them, Loxton Lutheran School has established a clear process for determining which students are experiencing difficulties, for selecting intervention strategies and supports, matching these supports to students, and evaluating whether the intervention strategies are improving learning and/or wellbeing outcomes for the students.

We offer evidence-based and effective literacy interventions through our PreLit, MiniLit and MacqLit programs.

At Loxton Lutheran School we are continually striving to meet the additional learning and wellbeing needs of every student in our school, in preparation for the next stages of their lives.

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it”. Proverbs 22:6

Happy Parents & Students

Our two children attend LLS, they are both thriving in their learning and social lives at school.

In our experiences the staff have always taken time to meet with us and communicated well. We have been able to work together to achieve success for our children’s learning and wellbeing. Both our children have a strong sense of belonging and look forward to going to school where they have grown strong relationships with both their peers and staff. Our family feels blessed to be part of such a wonderful school.

-Andrew & Nikki Tullett

Our first child really struggled with the transition from home to preschool. It was challenging, overwhelming and exhausting for us all. We knew our road ahead would be a continual battle, so we gave our child a further year in an early learning setting where they could continue to question and analyse the world around them, before sending them off to school.

We were incredibly blessed to have the option to send our child to the Loxton Lutheran School, Early Learning Centre. A safe, calm and nurturing environment where not only educational needs were addressed but more importantly in these tender years, the emotional and social wellbeing needs were met too. There was certainly no hesitation of knowing where to send our second child to begin her preschool journey.

It was a beautiful stepping stone from early learning to school, all in the one location!

– The Row Family.

Our family has been part of the Loxton Lutheran School community since 2012 when our eldest child started at the Early Learning Centre. We have loved being part of such a close, nurturing and caring community. Loxton Lutheran School has motivated and engaged teachers who are committed to helping all students achieve their personal best.
As parents, what has continued to impress us is the school spirit, community involvement and camaraderie between everyone. Our children have benefited from many opportunities to represent the school in the community in the form of camps, excursions, sporting events and the arts.
We have found LLS to be a nurturing environment that has helped to instil morals and values in our children and we would highly recommend Loxton Lutheran School to others.

– Allison & Michael Ingerson