School Fees 

Loxton Lutheran School continues to be a low-fee school.  Our fees are set by the School Board on an annual basis and are used to help us deliver our exceptional curriculum and facilities.  Every attempt is made to make Loxton Lutheran School affordable so that no child is denied an education here because of financial difficulties.  We have a generous tuition fee sibling discount that applies to families where more than one child is attending the school.  We also offer a generous discount off tuition fees for those families eligible for School Card.  Families not eligible for School Card and who are experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to make a confidential request to the principal for special consideration.

Please contact the school office for a copy of the Fee Schedule and Finance Handbook.

Get In Touch or Us Anytime 

We welcome new enquiries about our school, whether you have young children about to commence schooling or you are looking for a position in a higher year level.

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